Long Stay Car Parking

When flying out of any airport, logistics to and from the airport are usually a huge problem for most people. The situation is worse off in the case where children, the elderly or people with special needs are involved. However, with an overnight stay at a hotel in or near the airport, travelling is made much easier. Some of these hotels may also offer long stay parking facilities which are very beneficial to families.

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gatwick airport hotel and parking services ensure that your travel experience is much better by ensuring that you are early for your flight, that you have a secure place to leave your vehicle, that you use your own vehicle to and from the airport and that you do not have to bundle up everyone in a taxi in the middle of the night to beat the traffic. But why would you include long stay parking as you book your accommodation in any Gatwick airport hotel and parking.

The rate is discounted

Booking accommodation separately from the long stay parking is usually more expensive. By bundling the two together, you will be given a better rate. Some hotels may even have different packages that you could choose from depending on the length of your stay and where you would like your car to be parked.

It is convenient

Travelling can be hectic and when you book everything separately, it is easy to forget or overlook something. This may cause inconveniences- physical, emotional and financial- that may make your travel experience bad. Paying for accommodation and parking as a single expense is convenient and minimises the chances of forgetting to pay for one.

It saves time

When travelling, every single second is important, whether it is utilised to rest before a long flight, pack or ensure that everyone has what they need for the trip. By paying for accommodation and the long stay parking as a bundled expense, you may save a few critical minutes that could be put to better use.

Other benefits

The accommodation ensures that your family is well rested before the flight ensuring that everyone is in a good mood and less irritable throughout the flight. This is especially important for long flights or those that are scheduled for weird hours. In addition, it is easy to move from the hotel to the boarding terminal through regular bus services and the use of rail road. The worry of how you will make it to the plane is therefore eliminated.